Feast of St. Magdalene of Canossa- patron of the Nursing School on 8th of May 2019

St. Magdalene of Canossa was foundress of the Canossian Family of DAUGHTERS AND SONS OF CHARITY, SERVANTS OF THE POOR. Born in Verona on 1st March 1774, of a noble and wealthy family, she was the third of six children.

By way of painful events such as her father’s death, her mother’s second marriage, illness, misunderstanding, the Lord guided her towards unforeseen paths on which Magdalene tentatively set out.

MAGDALENA OF CANOSSA, was a woman who believed in the love of the Lord Jesus and, sent by the Holy Spirit among those most in need, she served them with a Mother’s heart and an Apostle’s zeal.

With complete dedication Magdalene carried out her daily tasks and widened her circle of friends while at the same time remaining open to the mysterious action of the Holy Spirit who gradually moulded her heart and enabled her to share in the love of the Father for mankind revealed by Jesus’ complete and supreme offering of Himself on the Cross, and by the example of Mary, the Sorrowful Virgin Mother.

Moved by that love, Magdalene responded to the cry of the poor, hungry for food, instruction, understanding and the Word of God. She discovered them in the suburbs of Verona, where the echoes of the French Revolution, the occupation by various foreign powers and the Verona uprising had left evident signs of devastation and human suffering.

Our Nursing school dedicate to St. Magdalene because she was a woman with big heart to love and care to those who were in most needed, in particular for the sick people, abandoned and neglected by society. Inspire by the example of St. Magdalene, the mission of our school is to educate future nursing that have a heart with great love, dedication and committed to take care of the patients who come to seek for treatment. Help them to be aware of their profession as not only to get job easily but most of all to appreciate life as a gift of God and to take care of it, that the nursing candidate has this awareness that to be a nurse is a vocation, God call them to be His instrument of healing touch to others, to help others to accept their sickness and to have Hope in God’s power of healing.

So far the school already produce more than 300 nurses who has been employed all over Tanzanian. Some feedback for the school from their employer that the alumni has good performance in their working place and very competitive in their service toward others.

Our hope that may this quality of education for nurses may continue grow better in the future with the help of God through the intercession of our Mother foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa.

Welcome to Italian friends:

Mr. Paulo, mr. andrea and mr. marco

They came to Mugana to make some documentary movie of Mugana mission.